DGDR vergibt 10 Poster Preise an DNA Repair Meeting in Jena


3 - Aldo S. Bader - Cambridge

iMUT-seq: high-resolution DSB-induced mutation profiling reveals prevalent homologous-recombination dependent muta­genesis

7 - Ki Choi Chan - Darmstadt

Regulatory control of HR sub-pathways by RECQ helicases

14 - Lorenzo Galanti - Munich/Cologne

Dbf4-dependent kinase (DDK) promotes resection of DNA double strand breaks and homologeous recombination

37 - Mohammed Meabed - Jena

Repair and DNA strand-specific transcriptional toxicity of cis-syn cyclobutane TT dimers in an active gene

42 - Maria Dilia Palumbieri - Zürich

Nuclear Actin Polymerisation mediates the rapid Cellular Response to DNA Replication Stress

43 - Kirill Petriukov - Mainz

Reprogramming polyubiquitin chain linkage by means of tailor-made ubiquitin ligases

44 - Vanessa Borges Pires - Mainz

TERRA RNA-DNA hybrids prevent resection at dysfunctional telomeres

56 - Jie Shi - Mainz

Myosin VI: a motor protein in the replication stress response

64 - Xabier Vergara - Amsterdam

Highly multiplexed screens to gain insight into chromatin effects on DSB repair pathway balance

69 - Pedro Weickert Vivancos - Munich

PxP reveals global-genome repair of DNA-protein crosslinks by SPRTN in human cells