If you are interested in the wider field of research on DNA Repair you are welcome to submit a membership application. The decision on acceptance rests with the board of directors. Current membership fees are:

  • 35.- Euro per year
  • 15.- Euro per year for students / doctoral students
  • 60.- Euro per year for legal persons or bodies (e.g. a company)

A valid membership entitles to a discount at the DGDR workshops. The membership fees are collected via a direct debiting scheme once a year  in order to keep costs low and administrative work at a minimum.

Professor Phillip C. Hanawalt, Stanford University, USA, was awarded an honorary membership at the 2002 Workshop in Karlsruhe for his research on DNA repair and at the 2006 Workshop in Hamburg, Professor Errol C. Friedberg, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA was similarly honored acknowledging his dedication to DNA repair. In 2008 at the Meeting in Berlin, Yosef Shiloh was made an honorary member of the society in appreciation of his work on the human DNA repair disorder, Ataxia telangiectasia and the identification of the underlying gene, ATM, a central player in the cellular DNA damage response.


We are pleased to see we have awakened your interest. If you would like to become a member of the German Society for Research on DNA Repair (DGDR), you can download the application form here. Please print the form out, fill in the details, add your signature and send the form to Katrin Paeschke (see DGDR board for address) so we can welcome you soon as a new member of the DGDR.